FAQ'S on Node.js development company, India


  1. List some reasons for Node.js popularity?

Here are the following reasons for the popularity of node.js

  • On both server and client-side, it uses Javascript
  • Event-driven architecture makes it lightweight
  • Fast data streaming 
  • Community driven modules  
  • Open-source


  1. Is Node.js secure?

The application that have processed a high volume of short messages like real-time application such as chat rooms, online gaming, shopping, etc, and for all this, Node.js is the best choice.



  1. What are the hidden charges?

node.js development company- no hidden charges - gkmit

No, there are no hidden charges in Node.js. From the development phase to the pricing structure and during the consultation, we discuss everything with you as a Node.js development company. We charge what we discussed.



  1. Why should one choose GKMIT for Node.js?

We have a team of experts who have worked on numerous Node.js projects and are highly qualified professionals. Node.js web developers of GKMIT deliver you a light weight, fast-streaming, and secure web application.  



  1. What will be the support system after the deployment of a Node.js app?

GKMIT is known for great customer service. We provide you complete support after deployment of the app, and we don't charge extra for it.



  1. Why hire GKMIT for NodeJs app development services?
  • Huge talent pool with vast experience.
  • Understand and meet client requirements exactly.
  • Renowned development center to provide high-quality service.
  • Help you in monetization and ROI strategy.
  • Build faster and agile mobile apps.


  1.  How does the Node.js development team at GKMIT work?

GKMIT has fostered multiple businesses with their quality-driven and consistent business solutions. We focus on following industry standards of working, and it is a standard business practice to initiate the Node.js project.

Here is the list of how our Node.js developers work

  • Requirement Analysis
  • We work on your custom requirements, and our developers go through your company's goals, business profile, and domain.
  • Meet Node.js team
  • Hire developers who best fits your unique business needs
  • initiate project
  • kick start your new Node.js project in coordination with your existing business team to get exemplary outcomes.


  1. What are the significant benefits of choosing node.js app development?
  •   High-Speed

Javascript V8 provides faster speed to Node.js and thus help it run at high speed.


  • Real-time Apps

It enables resharing and reusing library code packages and efficiently handling multiple clients.


  • Data Streaming

Take the benefit of the HTTP request and response and build features building features such as file processing.


  • Handle SQL Queries

Convert data easily using NoSQL databases like CouchDB and MongoDB to ensure smooth functioning.


  • Proxy Server

Node.js uses a proxy server if the enterprise lacks existent infrastructure.


  • Boosts Productivity

Increase enterprise productivity by merging front-end and back-end teams.


  • Node Package Manager

Get exact dependency management by robust, consistent, and super-fast Node.js packages.


  • Improved Scalability

Get highly scalable solutions through event-driven and asynchronous processing in Node.js


  • Highly Compatible

Easy to use on Windows, Linux, and MAC operating system


  1.  What process does GKMIT follow to develop a Node.js Project?

As a leading Node.js development company in India, our procedures are quite standard. Depending on the custom requirements, we assign a tailor-made team for the project, including UI/UX designers, Node.js developers, Project managers, and quality analysts, that ensure superior results are met.


  1. How can you track the progress of project development?

Our expert and highly professional team uses tools as per client's preference, such as Google Drive, e-mail, Slack, Skype, Jira, Attlasian, Trello, and Asana. You will get real insights on the projects and our team to daily or weekly meetings for project updates and discussion. 


  1. What approach does GKMIT use for project development?

We use agile development methodology to deliver software products and fulfill your business needs. Agile methodology allows adaptive planning, continuous improvement, and implementation of rapid changes which pop up at the time of development.


  1.  After outsourcing the Node.js development project, How will GKMIT secure Intellectual property rights?

Once our project manager thoroughly understands your project and you outsource it to us to secure your intellectual property rights, we will sign NDA. You will get complete ownership of the source code. We have legal service agreements, and thus we don't reuse the code and make sure our employees protect client code too.


  1. Will GKMIT assist if any application changes or modifications are made after launch?

node.js development company- support system - gkmit

Depending on your app's modification and change, the whole team will assist you further. We can sign a maintenance contract after development to maintain your solution.

  1. What is GKMIT industry expertise?
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Legal
  • Retail


  1.  By adopting Node.JS for web application development, what benefits will you get?


node.js development company- benefits - gkmit


In this new digital era of 2022, the demand for Node. js platform is rising to top-level. Node.js provides many benefits as it has a rich set of library support and provides tremendous support to node.js developers during backend development. Here are a few essential points that highlight the importance
  • Due to asynchronous library support, the server must not wait for API to return the data. The Node.js server calls the API; it soon processes the next API. The event-driven mechanism helps the server in getting a response from old APIs.
  • As it is built on Chrome's V8 Engine, it executes code faster.
  • Build highly-scalable applications seamlessly and use microservices architecture through Node.js
  • The real magic is the application built on Node.js avoids buffering of data and displays the output data in chunks.