Digital Marketing- Deliver business growth through online branding

As the world is getting digitalized, so is the need for every business prospect to get digital. We here discover possibilities and engage with your brand to deliver business growth. With tremendous competition, it’s difficult to survive and meet the fast-growing digital needs. So, get discovered by your prospects from anywhere across the world through GKM IT.


Let's start with Digital Marketing 

Do you know 46% of a small business doesn't have an online presence?

35% of business owners feel their business is too small for a website, and these businesses are missing access to valuable clients due to the lack of an online presence!

Internet marketing raises attention to advertising & marketing efforts that use the electronic medium to generate direct sales via web and email.


Why is digital marketing so essential for your business?

  • 3.7 Billion Mobile User - Direct connection to a growing list of active mobile users. 

  • Global Internet Ad spending has outranked has $205 billion Internet ad spend compared to TV ads.

  • Google, Facebook, and Twitter generate more revenue than any traditional channels of advertisement. 

  • With 5 billion Google searches and 1.92 billion people expected to purchase products & services from e-commerce platforms.

All these factors have made digital marketing lucrative for local businesses and well-established brands.


From Startup to traditional Business…... Digital Marketing is for everyone.

We listen & analyze your business needs and develop streamlined strategies as per your business needs. With our target-oriented & customer-centric strategizes, a unique online presence can help you achieve more leads & sales. 

  1. Ease of access to a large demographic of customers

  2. Competitive advantage into specific markets & different domains.

  3. Effectiveness through target-oriented methods.

  4. Improved conversion rates

  5. This leads to brand awareness.


Why choose GKM IT as your online marketing partner?


online presence-digital marketing service provider in India- gkmit

  1.  Low cost 

Online marketing is far more economical and cost-efficient than traditional marketing methods.

  1.  High ROI

We perform a complete business analysis to help you generate valuable leads and converting them into sales while accuracy is maintained by testing every data and information. High ROI makes online marketing more profitable than conventional marketing.

  1. Global Audience Outreach

Restriction of traditional business with inefficient marketing strategies can lead to stagnation of business growth. The world has gone digital, so should you! We help your business connect to a more mature and energetic wide demographic customers and develop a loyal brand-customer relationship.

Why outsource your digital marketing to us?

We act as a business partner and work with zeal to market your business. We understand your needs and work in a planned, structured way. Now give wings to your business by our knowledge and experience.

#Reduce Operational Costs

#Better and faster results delivered by our professionals

#Get detailed website reports and campaign performance statistics.

#stay ahead of the competition with our expert advice.


GKM IT‘s specialization in organic marketing campaigns. We build your online presence and connect your business with people looking for your products/services and generate sales. So, if you want an online business or wish to see your business growing fast, then get in touch with us.


Our Expertise

  1. Cost-effective and reliable services

  2. Result-oriented for high ROI

  3. Convenient and hassle-free approach

  4. 24*7 support

  5. After-sales support


Our Services


digital marketing service provider in India-gkmit


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


digital marketing service provider in India- SEO-gkmit

If a business is not in the top three, then it's a high time that an enterprise SEO plan needs to review!! 

As SEO doesn't mean traffic, it means relevant traffic. So now increases the quality and quantity of website traffic, visibility, and ROI with us.

  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

digital marketing service provider in India- SMM-gkmit

We promote products and services through various social media platforms. Our team of online marketing professionals boosts business online presence with updated tactics. desired success rate, exposure and generating sales is what you get at GKM IT. 

  1. Lead Generation

digital marketing service provider in India-Lead-Generation-gkmit

Generate more lead and scale from quality traffic. We can find a perfect audience and enables every business to reach on a global scale.

  1. Local Marketing

digital marketing service provider in India-Local-Marketing-gkmit

This marketing strategy is adopted by small local businesses. It targets customers by finely grained locations such as a city or neighborhood. We conserve resources for small businesses and develop unique advantages by reaching the closest customer.

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC)

digital marketing service provider in India- PPC gkmit

Looking to increase your clicks, leads, and sales? Then it’s high time, your business should hire an experienced PPC management service provider. As we all know, most people go online to search or buy a product. As per research, 75% of people say paid ads make it easier to find online information. Thereby, the PPC management campaign plays a very important role in marketing efforts for exposures to a target audience or critical audience intelligence. 


  1. Google Analytics 

digital marketing service provider in India-Google-Analytics-gkmit

Now analyze in-depth details about the visitor of the business website. And shape the success strategy of the business by checking valuable insights. 

  1. E-commerce Marketing

digital marketing service provider in India-E-commerce-Marketing-gkmit

Now promote the online store to drive more sales for specific or all products. Create and manage Google ads cleverly and effortlessly as our major focus is to drive traffic to your store, convert that traffic into paying customers and retaining those customers by using promotional tactics.

  1. Campaign Marketing

digital marketing service provider in India-Campaign-Marketing-gkmit

Promoting products through different types of media and online platforms.

  1. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

digital marketing service provider in India- SMO-gkmit

We increase the awareness of the product and create a brand on various social platforms. we will make a list of social media websites which we will be targeting and create a list to match every business niche.

  1. Display Advertising

digital marketing service provider in India- Display-Advertising-gkmit

General advertising and brand messages are delivered to site visitors. A commercial message is conveyed through visually using texts, logos, animations, videos, and graphics to increase the ads’ effect we target users with particular traits.

Get the quote as all services provided here are customizable and we design our quotations and deliver work according to customers’ needs. For a consultation, contact us.