It is very important to stay on top of developing technologies to match up with constant changes happening in the digital world. Our experienced team at GKMIT can make it happen. Here is a quick guide on Python development and our way of working as a Python web development company.


  1.  What is Python used for?


Python is a fun language, and so much can be done using this language. It is intensely practical and useful for creating all kinds of scripts and software. Python is used for web development, game development, utility scripts, rapid prototyping of software, and it is eventually implemented in other languages. 


Python language is a great choice for companies who are looking to thrive on current market needs and want to ride the wave of fast development. Why to choose Python?

  • Being dynamically typed and mandating indentation, this language is highly readable.
  • Easy accessible to developers, as have numerous libraries
  • Scalability makes it easy to handle the task of all sizes
  • Create prototypes and minimum viable products in a short time


  1. Is Python free?

Python is a completely free and open-source language. Community driven development is one of the best aspects of Python, and this is mainly done through GitHub and IRC (users can discuss bugs, features, and other python topics)


  1.  What is the difference between Python2.x and Python 3.x?

Python development company- two versions-GKMIT

In 2000, when the Python language was introduced, it was not that popular. As more developers seriously started picking and using it, the flaws became more apparent, which could not be fixed without major changes.

Python 3.0, introduced in 2008, brought many serious changes and led to new features and improvements, but this made language incompatible with Python 2.x. That is, the developers need to refactor their code to take advantage of Python 3.0. It became a tedious task, and many developers were not willing to do it.

This resulted in Python splitting into two supported versions: the 2.x "legacy" branch and the 3.x "present" branch. The 3.x branch is the focus of active development, and 2.x branch receives bugs fixes and security updates. Most of the companies nowadays are using Python 3.x, and we recommend using it. If your project relies on a library or framework that does not support Python 3.x, then rely on Python 2.x. 


  1. What skills are companies looking for in Python developers?

Here is the list of skills that most tech companies are looking for while hiring Python developers.

  • AWS
  • Django
  • API
  • Docker
  • Linux
  • Cloud computing
  • Machine Learning
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Git
  • Continuous integration
  • SQL
  • React
  • Flask
  • REST
  • PostgreSQL
  • DevOps
  • Microservices
  • Go
  • Kubernetes
  • Security
  • Apache Spark
  • MySQL
  • TDD
  • Google Cloud Platform


Skills required for entry-level Python developers

  1. Knowledge of general Python syntax
  2. Knowledge of data structures
  3. Basic knowledge of SQL 
  4. Basic CVS skills 
  5. Experience with any popular web framework

Skills required for a mid-level Python developer

  1. Strong knowledge of object-oriented design, coding, and test patterns
  2. Big Data solutions building experience and software development experience 
  3. Experience in building and maintaining software platforms
  4. Cloud computing service such as an AWS exposure works as a cherry on top


Skills required for a senior Python developer


  1. As per industry standards should have proficiency in writing complex logic in Python.
  2. Deep knowledge of front-end technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
  3. Object-relational mapper (ORM) libraries' knowledge
  4. Data visualization tools experience of Tableau, Qlik and Query languages such as SAS, SQL, and Hive.
  5. complete exposure to AWS or other cloud computing services
  6. Knowledge of Big Data technology such as HDFS, Pig, Hive, Spark, and Scala.
  7. Strong unit test and debugging skills and deep understanding of threading limitations of Python.


  1.  How to check the Python version?

If you are not sure whether Python is installed or if you know it is installed but not sure about the version, then just run this command in your operating system's relevant command-line terminal:


    Python --version

Some operating systems may support this command:


Python3 --version


  1. What are the best Python IDE's?


A solid code editor makes a difference when you are working with Python and makes the coding experience enjoyable instead of hair-pulling frustration. For us, a good Python editor can be a text editor with extensions or a dedicated python IDE.


Python IDE

Python development company- best IDE- web development-GKMIT

One of the best Python IDE worth mentioning is PyCharm. It is available in the free community and paid professional versions, which costs around $9/mo. For solo developers, the free community is more than enough. It is equipped with features like smart syntax highlighting, code inspections, graphical debugging and version control integration.

The paid version supports advanced business-oriented web development, including code profiling, integration with web frameworks, remote development, and support for databases. 


Python text editors

Text editors for coding are various; this includes Sublime Text, Atom, Geany, and Visual Studio Code, among common picks.


  1. What are the benefits of using Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language that comes with web frameworks. The framework consists of modules that developers use to write and build web applications. Some prominent frameworks are Flask and Django. Python offers a host of threads, exceptions, along with an automatic memory management feature. 

Benefits of using Python web development 

  • Easy to learn since it involves minimum code scripts.
  • Identified as beginner-friendly language
  • Python encourages swift development along with a luxury of a logical and clean web design.
  • Free and open-source language
  • Portability, extendibility and built-in data structure.


  1.  Which Python framework we love?

We provide a custom web-based solution using various frameworks.

  • Django

Django is an open-source Python framework built by experienced developers. To speed up web development by aiming at using automation wherever possible. It let software developers focus on important work being versatile, fast and secure.


  • Flask

Flask provides various tools for developing web apps and is a Python web framework. Flask is a micro framework and pretty much does not have any dependencies on external libraries. This framework is light, flexible and easy to learn.

  • CherryPy

CherryPy is a minimalist, object-oriented web framework that works wonders for web apps. It is fast, versatile and stable.

  • Bottle

Bottle is light, comes with easy integration & customization and depends on Python standard library. It is another micro web framework. The bottle is great for prototyping ideas and building simple web apps.


  1. Which Python libraries you should use for web development?

Useful Python libraries for web development are:

  • Use Scrappy if you need a web crawler to extract data from your application. It is a widely used a library for scrapping, data mining, automated testing and more. 
  • Develop serverless applications on AWS Lambda using Zappa as it is a powerful library.
  • Send HTTP requests using the Request library, and this is used to communicate with applications. It allows you to get HTML pages or data.
  • Dash is another useful library as it helps in developing web applications that involve data visualization. It offers features like charts, graphs, dashboards and more.


  1. How much does it cost to develop a Python app?

Python development means increased productivity and motivation. It also gives quicker turnover times and provides easier integration, which are more than enough reasons to choose. If you plan to develop your web or mobile applications using Python, you must be wondering how much it will cost. When it comes to pricing, we need to choose a lot of variables. This involves features, frameworks, functionality and time involved. If you want to get a detailed assessment and a clear idea of how much an app will cost you, then contact us with details to get an estimate.


  1. How to choose your python web development company?

It is a challenging task to choose a Python development company. There are plenty of factors which you need to consider before making the right choice. It is essential to check your portfolio, focus on Python-related projects; along with this, the focus should not be just getting the job done, but the company should also be interested in your project and give you honest input. Price and coding aren't everything; the company you choose should have fluent communication, keep you up-to-date regarding your project, and allow you to shape the expected product. Finding the right Python development company is not just about finding a competent developer, but it also about having a trustworthy and self-assured business partner.


  1. How do we work on your Python web development project?


We work in a three-step process:

  • Transform your ideas

We turn your idea into a product through our expertise. GKMIT developers can turn your idea into a reality by using a wide variety of frameworks and technologies.


  • Transform your brand

Growing with time is essential for every company to stay up-to-date with the public. Mobile apps is all in the market.


  • Transform your business

GKMIT offers you constant innovation and communication between team and client and guarantees a fluid work dynamic. It is one of the best Python developement company in India