The importance of increasing demand for agility and reliability to deliver projects in today's global marketplace cannot be overlooked. Have you ever wondered burdening your core team with an extra workload may lead to burnout and affect their performance and work-life balance? You have an urgent requirement for some extra professionals on a short-term basis and unable to find the right talent. 

Previously, you were limited to only work with individual contractors or outside vendors to manage your extra workforce need. What if?... You can outsource the extra burden to a team of experienced professionals. 

The team as a Service - A dynamic model for global collaboration and project management

With GKM IT’s Team as a Service, you can have untethered access to a team of professionals working to improve and develop your ideas and product. Choose the right talents from a list of skill sets and domains, and get access to an on-demand team working to fulfill your startup and/or organization goals. 

TaaS can be moulded to whatever and however, you want it to be. We work with you to create a customized model that works as per your specific project requirement. You can strategize a team by choosing any number of people which will assist you in scoping, developing, planning, testing and documenting the best practices and methods. You will never be bound to an undesired long term contract, you can easily decide the length of our team requirement. Your organization or startup does not have to be location bound to explore and utilize the best global talent.


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The team as a Service as per GKM IT

We prepare a revolutionary team engagement model that uses state-of-the-art development standards. We align a highly capable tech team as per technical requirements.


Who should use our Team as a Service?

Have you performed a complete analysis of your project development requirements and calculated its complete cost & ROI? Is it cost-effective to increase the strength of your in-house team for a short span of time? If you have found that owning a project development team has more unfavorable effects than offshoring one! Then, GKM IT’s Team as a Service is the best option for you.

Therefore, by hiring a devoted software development team, one can cut unavoidable expenses indirectly. To reach a high-quality final product, clients find it easier to outsource as a service.


The team model requirements for an organization

  • An unexpected rise in development projects

  • A temporary add on (few months or quarters) in the developer’s workload

  • Urge for a fast prototype.

  • High fluctuation can occur because of capacity issues

  • With the current scenario, increased demand for a reliable and experienced web and mobile developer.

Thus, With constantly evolving technology space we make sure the deployed solution stays up to date. 


Role of TaaS in an organization -

  “Because a team is more than a group of individual”


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Hiring or outsourcing an efficient team is not an easy task. It needs efforts and time to get a desired skill-set team. For achieving a successful outcome and before finally uniting as a team, team members usually go through different stages of development. That desired optimum performance is not achieved by simply starting with a group of individuals, while for this you need to pick a consistent team and thus you can get significantly better performance starting from the initial stage. 

To explain this in a better way if we make a graph of team effectiveness and time, we will see the four-stages, i.e., 

  1.  Forming-  questioning, socializing, stick to a safe topic and focus on group identity.

  2.  Storming- competition, high emotions, resistance and conflicts

  3.  Norming-  developing cohesion, members are engaged and supportive, lowered anxiety. 

  4.  Performing- the balance of task and process orientation, a healthy system and team ability to produce effectively.


Extensive professional knowledge

Our team accords to industrial level quality standards and develops & works according to a particular need or demand. We believe in the leading-edge development process by understanding the problems faced by clients and finding the best solution.


Applied technologies and development tools

Over the period, we have implemented several techniques and development tools out of which few of our favorite are following- 

build your team-programming language-tools-framework-gkmit


The important steps


build your team-important steps-gkmit


  1. Analysis- A thorough examination conducted by understanding the circumstances and consulting the client’s tech team. We perform complete analysis and consultation to find what our clients need and whether to work on existing code.


build your team- team selection- gkmit

       2. Team selection - Based on the examination of analysis, we appoint a project manager and a team that understands the needs of the clients. To ensure maximum compatibility, clients can interview with our team members.


build your team-team selection-gkmit



  1.  Team assignment- Once understanding the need, we assign developers and start an onboarding session. Here, the team follows a quick build-measure-learn cycle in their development process.  Review at the end of each run (2 weeks run preferred), a planning event conducted and which is open to clients. 


build your team- onboarding-gkmit

       4. Onboarding- Throughout the service deployment, team managers manage continuous and frictionless communication. 

GKM IT is a custom software development company that ensures customer satisfaction and solves business challenges with the best in its class. For more queries, please share your concerns and feedback in the comment section below or contact us for a free consultation and a quote!