Question 1- why react-native should be your first choice?

Answer- As discussed in the previous blog, what is react native? We know how it is useful in creating separate apps for Android and iOs operating system. React native is the talk of the town for app technology and focuses majorly on giving better user experience than ever before. Let's understand what react-native has in its baggage and how it draws the attention of users?

Though there are numerous benefits of react-native

  • Cut expenses and save time for both platforms by using the same codes.

  • Though there is no significant difference between react-native and native, it helps in faster development and less expensive to build a mobile app on react native.

  •  As it is an open-source platform, thus documentation is easily available and understood by the react-native community.

  • Load time decreased by UI designs.

  • Update and upgrade applications quickly by react-native modular architecture.

  • Several ready-made solutions available with react native speeds up mobile development.

  • It helps developers to understand existing code in less time with the help of a declarative coding style.


Question 2- What are the main things to consider before hiring a react native development company?

Answer- We have shortlisted a few points which you have to keep in mind before hiring a react native development company

  1. What platform to choose?

The question is, what type of mobile app you will like to build? Here platform refers to a different operating system (OS) for your smartphone. As we all know, the operating system is the soul of a smartphone and the apps. The two dominating platforms in current dates are iOS and Android, and these platforms have a large number of users. To choose both platforms and developing two different apps for iOS and Android would double uptime, cost, and resources. So the solution as to your queries is React-Native app development. Learn about react-native, and its benefits from our previous blog FAQ'S on react native for non-technical persons. As we know, being an entrepreneur, it's tough to decide on how to use react-native for ios and android development, so as a leading react native app development company GKMIT has decided to list all queries and clear clients confusions.

  1. Time and cost-effectiveness- 

This is one of the major attributes to consider well selecting react native for app development. Well, it seems surprising how building an app for both platforms can save time and cost? 

Yes, you heard, right. Mobile app development with reacts native require less time and money instead of developing two different native apps. 

  1. The success of react native app development projects

Yes, off course, there is a success as we delivered some great projects of app building using react native app development technologies. We have delivered successful, user-friendly projects using react native, (name of projects ) scroll down to know more about our projects.

  1. The popularity of react-native among other cross-platform apps.

There are many cross-platform development frameworks available these days. There is a cut-throat competition as well. React native competes with similar frameworks like

  • Flutter

  • NativeScript

  • Xamarin

But if we make a comparison between all frameworks, react native is most in-demand and above all technologies. 

Let's check the statistical results of google trends and react-native popularity   

React native popularity in India  

FAQ on React Native Development Company- google trends-react native popularity-India- gkmit

 React native popularity worldwide

FAQ on React Native Development Company- google trends-react native popularity-worldwide-gkmit


  1. User-centric UI & UX through react-native development

Well, the answer is yes, react native development help in building user-centric UI and UX. To develop an app on iOS and Android, react native development can help enjoy a simplified UI and to achieve great user experience like native apps. Under the hood of the ReactJS library, react native is majorly focused on UI. To achieve user-centric mobile apps, companies choose react-native for mobile development.


Question3 - what are the tools used by react native developers?

Answer- let's discuss react-native development tools. It will be an extra perk for you if your developers are well aware of these tools. Now speed up the development process of your mobile application by 

  • Sentry error tracking

  • Bitrise

  • Hockey app

  • Redux

  • ESLint

  • Enzyme 


Question 4- Learn about the top react native development companies?

Answer- Through this blog, we are listing top react native development companies who are successfully making use of react-native technology and delivering world-class solutions, scalable, robust, and fast response mobile apps to meet the growing demands of new business.

  1.  QSS Technosoft

  2.  Galaxy Weblinks Inc.

  3. Apptunix

  4. WillowTree

  5. Konstant Infosolutions

  6. Simply Technologies

  7. JustCoded

  8. GKMIT


Question 5- Why choose GKMIT for your upcoming react-native development project?

Answer- GKMIT focuses on the commitment to satisfy the clients by providing top-notch quality of react native development services, we hope the below points will satisfy your curiosity of why to hire us your service providers.

  • Experienced and dedicated project manager

  • Proficient react native developers

  • Major focus on quality and standards

  • Confidentiality of data and complete security

  • Agile work methodology integrated with DevOps

  • Versatile engagement models 

Reasons to hire React native developers of GKMIT

FAQ on React Native Development Company- hire developers-gkmit

At GKMIT, you will get an expert team of developers, project managers, and designers.

  • Developers work on engaging in new technologies

  • As per the client’s requirements, our developers estimate the cost and time of the project.

GKMIT follows best practices for react-native app development, and it gives a world-class user-experience to our clients. To know more about our services and if you are looking to hire an expert react-native developer, than GKMIT is your destination. Contact us at or leave your queries in the comment section below.