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This presentation would answer the two big questions
  • What would be the Project Roadmap?
  • Why should you hire us?
in just 5-10 minutes
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  • Starting the project, we collect information from you and create basic wireframes & prototypes which serve as step 1 for the ideation. Technical knowledge at your end is optional.
  • Then we further discuss the wireframes & prototypes internally and apply the latest technologies in the market to come up with final wireframes & prototypes which would closely reflect your project once it has been completed.
  • These wireframes & prototypes are submitted for your approval so you will be certain that the project fits well with your business and idea.
  • We develop the database structure for your project and discuss the same with you so that you will be able to see all the relationships between its objects and can come up with more features in the future easily.
  • We select best technical stack for the project such as PHP framework ( CodeIgniter/ Symfony/ Zend ), Node.js, Backbone.js, NoSql(MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra) or MySql.
  • We discuss with you the project management tools like Pivotal Tracker, BaseCamp, Trello etc. required to track progress, manage schedule, resources and cost.
  • We will draw up a detailed estimate for your project completion and milestones.
Billing meter starts..
  • Develop design, logo, user interfaces for your project based on wireframes.
  • Weekly meetings and demos to set the business priority for each week. At all times you will be able to monitor what we are doing, what is going on, what has already been done and how long for the completion of the current phase.
  • You would have complete visibiiity into the project code via tools like Github and all documentation would be share on google docs.
  • Project launch, support and analysis.
Before we start developing your project we would provide you with a prototype which would closely resemble the final project. This helps us to save time on revisions and makeovers down the line.
We emphasize on Pivotal Tracker for project management but are open to any other tool which facilitates the same. This gives you complete visibility and control over the development process.
We successfully use all the latest technologies for projects which allows us to build scalable projects.
Github provides an easy way for version controlled code sharing so that you have ready access to code at all given points of time. Also you can monitor code changes being done by all the developers on the code base and ensure code quality as well.
Why should I hire


for development?
  • We plan all stages of project from idea to development to release and support.
  • We maintain standards like responsiveness, cross browser compliance, OS independence etc.
  • Your project would be taken by experienced developers who follow all practices and tools so that you enjoy development process rather than stressing over it.
  • Your project would be leveraging all the latest technologies such as Symfony 1&2, Node.js, Backbone.js, NoSql if required. We don’t make an overkill with technology if its not required.
  • You can be certain that the project would be flexible, scalable and secure.
  • Working with us is easy - weekly reports from the project manager, download code at any time, access to weekly tasks and their status and ready access to all resources and documentation.
  • You can be sure that goals will be achieved and that the project will be completed on time and within the budget as planned. We have a lot of successful projects to back us.
  • You will acquire a stable technical solution - you will be able to concentrate on growing your business while we take care of the technical side of the project.
  • As your product matures, we would be able to provide you with more resources (additional developers, server administrator, UI, testers etc.)

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